Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Beauty Wishlist TAG!

  1. What product do you want most from MAC? Bare Study Paint Pot
  2. What product do you want most from Ulta? I don't know what Ulta is, I live in the UK
  3. What drugstore product do you want the most? Loreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation
  4. What's the beauty product that you've wanted for the longest time? MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush
  5. What perfume do you want? Pink Happiness from Charlie
  6. What hair product do you want? A leave-in conditioner! Do you know of any good ones?
  7. What nail polish do you want? I'm not sure if this counts but a good nail strengthener. Do you know of any good ones?
  8. What pair of shoes do you want? Some UGGs
  9. What do you want the most from this list? A leave-in conditioner
This TAG was made by MacUp4ever, I love her blog, go and check it out!
Your turn to do this TAG! Leave it in the comments section! Also, leave any recommendations for a good leave-in conditioner and a good nail strengthener in the comments.



MacUp4ever said...

Love the TAG! ;D thanks for doing it! So now... Have you gotten any of these yet? :D

Kirstin said...

I bought a leave-in conditioner off yesterday and it should be here soon :)!